Obtaining SR-22 Insurance To Reinstate Your Driver's License After A DUI Charge

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If your driver's license was suspended following the arrest of a DUI charge, you will likely be required to obtain an SR-22 certificate to prove that you have auto insurance before the state will reinstate your driver's license, even if you don't currently own a vehicle. This is the case even if the DUI charges against you are dropped. The SR-22 requirement comes from the DMV hearing not the criminal court.

11 May 2022

What Type Of Auto Insurance Do You Need?

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If you drive, you need auto insurance; but there are many types of policies from which you can choose. Some coverage is required by law, but your lender may also require coverage. If you would like to know more, check out these four types of auto insurance coverage you may need. 1. Liability Coverage Most states require all drivers to purchase and maintain liability coverage. Liability coverage pays for the other driver's medical bills and property damage in the event you cause an accident.

29 March 2022

Renting? 3 Things To Know About Renters Insurance

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If you own your home, you may have homeowner's insurance already. Home insurance is a requirement in many cases if you have a mortgage. However, if you are a renter, there is usually no requirement for renters insurance. While renters insurance may not be necessary, it's still a good idea to have a policy. Renters insurance protects you from liability claims and covers the loss of personal property. Here are three things you need to know about renters insurance.

24 February 2022

3 Things To Consider When Choosing Auto Insurance

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Auto insurance is something you need, and while there are many insurance plans available, it's still often challenging to find the right fit. Your auto insurance needs to provide enough coverage for your needs while still being affordable. What an adequate amount of coverage looks like will vary from one driver to the next, and there are no one-size-fits-all auto insurance plans. However, here are three factors to consider when you hunt for car insurance.

13 January 2022

Seven Healthcare Coverage Problems You May Avoid With A Medicare Advantage Plan

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Choosing the right Medicare coverage for your needs can be complicated. One aspect of Medicare coverage that you need to know about is what you can get out of Medicare Advantage coverage. The following are seven healthcare coverage problems you may avoid with this plan.  Having no coverage for dental or vision care needs If you have a basic Medicare plan, you won't have any of your dental or vision care needs covered by your insurance.

30 November 2021

Why Medicare Supplement Insurance Might Be The Right Choice For You

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Medicare is a government program that can provide much needed financial assistance to people who need medical or healthcare treatment after a certain age or sometimes if a younger person suffers a disability. But Medicare will not always cover all of your medical expenses. That's why today, some people are opting for Medicare supplement insurance. Here's what this type of Medicare insurance is and why it might be right for you or a loved one.

26 October 2021

Group Health Insurance Plans: Not Just For Big Businesses

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Perhaps the most common misconception that people have about group health insurance plans is that these plans are only available to large businesses. Not only does this misconception often influence where people choose to work, but it can also cause small business owners and self-employed individuals to never even look into the possibility of enrolling in a group health insurance plan. This is really quite unfortunate because the truth is that virtually anyone can actually benefit from this type of health insurance coverage.

16 September 2021