Should You Get Roadside Coverage Through Your Insurance Or Join A Club?

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If you want to apply roadside assistance coverage to your car, there are two main options. The first is to use your auto insurance company for service calls. The other is to join an auto club that specializes in providing emergency services to drivers. There are pros and cons to each option, so here are some basic things to know.

Auto Insurance Roadside Service Is Cheaper

First of all, you might be wondering about the cost differences between the two options. Auto insurance for roadside assistance is generally cheaper than joining an auto club. The roadside coverage is built right into your premium, and it may only be a few dollars more per month. Many insurance companies require you to already have comprehensive auto insurance coverage, so factor that in too if you're currently on a bare bones plan.

Auto Insurance Coverage Offers Most Things You Need

Your auto insurance coverage will be sufficient for most of the problems you'll encounter on the road. The biggest service call is for towing, which these programs should cover. You may also run out of gas, and your insurance company should offer to bring gas to you (although they may charge you for the fuel itself). Battery jumps are another simple and common service to get your vehicle back on the road. Be sure that your auto insurance company offers the services you think you might need. They might have a list of included services, or they might simply agree to reimburse you for the basic costs you incur during a breakdown. Contact a company like Matlack & Company for more info.

Road Clubs Offer More Comprehensive Service

Road clubs tend to go a step further in providing roadside service if you enlist in one of their premium plans. For example, some of these clubs say that they will not only bring you a new battery if your car dies, but they will install it for you on the spot. You might also find that they bring you fuel for free if your car runs out of gas. Of course, then it becomes of question of whether you want to pay for these items on an as-needed basis or pay more for the upfront coverage.

Roadside Clubs Have Higher Service Limits

Finally, roadside service plans have a larger number of service calls that you can make to them. Each time you make a service call to the insurer, they will report it in their system and it could mean your rates go up for that type of coverage. If you see your car breaking down a lot, a road club is a good way to take care of repeat service needs.


30 March 2017

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