Was Your Home Destroyed In A Major Natural Disaster? What You Should Do

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If the area you live in was recently hit by a natural disaster and your home was severely damaged or completely destroyed, you may not know what to do with yourself. After all, the loss of your home is not just about the roof over your head, but also about all of the important possessions and memories that were kept in your home. While it can be easy for you to succumb to all of the emotions that you are feeling and break down, it is important that you take certain steps to handle the situation so that you can get back on your feet as soon as possible. Learn a few of these steps to take so you can recover from the natural disaster that destroyed your home as soon and as well as possible.

Contact Your Insurance Company As Soon As You Have Access To A Phone

The first call you make after you lose your house should be to your homeowner's insurance company. It is important that you get the claims process started as soon as you possibly can. Insurance claims can take several weeks or even months to process when they are major claims such as the total loss of a house.

If you wait too long to contact your insurance company, they may question the authenticity of your claim, particularly in terms of the extent of the damage done to your property. So, get the call to your insurance company done right away, and you will be one step closer to getting the situation dealt with.

Consider Hiring an Insurance Public Adjuster

Insurance companies are designed to protect you financially in the case of major disasters. However, they will also want to do their due diligence, especially when paying out a major claim like that on a house that has been the victim of a natural disaster.

Because of this, you may wish to hire what is known as a public adjuster. Insurance public adjusters are state-certified and licensed consultants in the insurance industry to help claimants (in this case you) deal with their insurance company and policy to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of your insurance plan and claim.

In essence, they protect you from your insurance company paying out less than they are required to based on your policy and can help to get into the nuances of the plan and deal with the details that you may not have noticed previously. Also, because you are dealing with numerous emotions, trying to find a place to stay temporarily, and likely trying to help your family cope and get everything they need to get back to their daily life, you may not have the time or energy to put into your insurance claim that it may require. This will allow you to have a professional advocate on your side to get you through the process.

These tips will help you to get through the process of dealing with the loss of your home as quickly and as well as you possibly can. To find a public claims adjuster, contact a company like Great Lakes Public Adjusting.


14 April 2017

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