5 Proactive Tips To Help New Insurance Agents Build A Thriving Business

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It's well known -- the process for obtaining a license to sell insurance is brutal. With a number of categories to specialize in and a plethora of state rules and regulations to absorb, receiving a passing grade and being granted a license to sell insurance should mean all the hard work is behind you. Unfortunately, however, most new licensees soon realize that the hard work is just beginning and that becoming successful in the field of insurance sales can be even more difficult than obtaining the license. Luckily, new agents can use the wisdom of their predecessors to maximize their efforts and enhance their chances of success as an insurance agent. 

Tip 1: Be ready and available

In the old days, insurance sales was solely a Monday through Friday, 9-5 business. In today's world, however, the agent who responds quickest to new contacts and prospective clients will most likely be the one who gets the sale. So be available to reap the greatest rewards.  

Tip 2: Put the needs of the client first

When new agents are striving to meet sales goals, they may become so focused on numbers that they forget to put the needs of the client first. Doing this may mean making the sale now, but if the client is dissatisfied because the product did not really fit their needs, they will likely move on to another agent. Even worse, they may report their discomfort to their social networks and cost new agents valuable business prospects. So always put the client's needs first. 

Tip 3: Do the work, every single day

Showing up and doing the work is important in any business, but in sales it is critical. Making new contacts and building a database may be less enjoyable than taking a long lunch with a friend, but the reward for doing all that monotonous work will be a profitable network of clients to harvest for years to come. So work on your business, each and every day. 

Tip 4: Rub elbows with your peers

Another way to become successful in insurance sales more quickly is to spend time with other successful agents. Whether it is a mentoring relationship or just casual weekly gatherings with others in your industry, the knowledge and tips you will gain in their presence will hasten your route to success. So nurture proactive relationships with other agents and the entire group will benefit. 

Tip 5: Embrace economy

Building a new insurance business is likely to consume all your time and a lot of your money, especially during your first few years as an agent. To keep moving forward, agents should embrace technology, systems, and ideas that will save them time, money, or travel. Smart phones and drip email campaigns are good examples of using technology to save time and money. Likewise, utilizing online options, such as Enterprise Training School, for continuing education and informative webinars is an important way for agents to eliminate travel, save money, and ensure they remain available to their clients. So put technology to work in your new business for maximum success. 


26 April 2017

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