2 Ways That An Insurance Agent Can Help You Lower Your Rates

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Your insurance agent can be one of the best resources available when trying to save money on your insurance. Here are two ways that an insurance agent can help you lower your rates.

They Can Suggest A Number Of Different Ways To Earn Discounts

The primary way that an insurance agent can help you lower your rates is by suggesting a number of different waste discounts. This is a big difference between utilizing a website or automated phone system to buy your insurance as that is only going to really help you find discounts you already qualify for, it's not really going to help you find discounts that you could be eligible for with just a little bit of work.

For example, an insurance agent may recommend utilizing a driving school that once completed will result in your insurance company lowering your auto insurance rates. This could also include the insurance agent recommending that you consider a limited mileage insurance policy that provides you with discounted rates for putting fewer miles on your car every year.

Another way that this can work would be the insurance agent recommending changes that you can make to your home that will lower your home insurance costs. This can include everything from installing a security system on the home to replacing your roof with one that is better able to withstand hailstorms or high winds.

They Can Help You Combine All Of Your Insurance Policies

An insurance agent can also help you lower your rates by helping you to combine all of your insurance policies with a single carrier. This is extremely beneficial because for every insurance policy that you combine with a single carrier, you will get a larger and larger discount.

If you combine every single one of your auto insurance policies, recreational vehicle policies, and home insurance policies with one company, you could very easily end up saving a very large amount of money every month. Not only does this make your insurance payments more affordable but it also makes them a lot less complicated as you can simply make one insurance payment every month rather than several to multiple different companies.

Working with an insurance agent can be a fantastic way to lower your insurance rates and save a lot of money every month. Some of the ways that an insurance agent can help you lower your rates are by suggesting a number of different ways to earn discounts and helping you to combine all of your insurance policies with one carrier.


23 January 2018

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