Dealing With Complications Related To An Auto Insurance Claim

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If you have an issue with an auto insurance claim, such as if the offer is just too low as per your evaluation, there are steps you can take to overcome the complication. Before you do anything, however, know that approaching the issue in a calm and collected manner is best. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get your claim paid.

Scrutinize Your Policy

The first thing you should do is to scrutinize and re-confirm the facts of the case. This should include scrutinizing your policy to try to understand why the insurance company is making the decisions you don't agree with. In some cases, it might turn out that the insurance company is actually right. For example, you might have included a claim for coverage that your policy excludes or doesn't list among the covered risks.

Gather Supporting Documents

If your review convinces you that you are right, then the next step should be to organize the supporting facts for your case. Get the documents, such as a car valuation report, receipts for damaged items, repair estimates, policy documents, and anything else that might support your cause. Being factual and showing evidence for your claims will go a long way in helping prove your case.

Inform the Agent

The next thing is to inform the agent of your disagreement and furnish them with the supporting documents. Hopefully, the agent will spot the error and act right by you. If you don't seem to be making any headway with the initial contact person, then you can escalate the issue to their supervisor, who is likely to be the head of the claims department.

Contact an Arbitrator

You can also try arbitration by engaging an arbitrator that both you and your insurance company agree to work with. Arbitrators have insurance experience and dispense their duties, helping insurers and clients come to an agreement, impartially. In fact, your auto insurance carrier might be the first one to suggest arbitration. You will have to share the cost of the service with your auto insurance carrier.

Engage a Public Adjuster

A public adjuster is an alternative to an arbitrator. If you have been using the insurance company's adjuster, then you might get some peace of mind by engaging a public adjuster. Whereas the company's adjuster works for the company, the public adjuster works for you, and their main interest is to see you get compensated. The public adjuster gets a small percentage of your insurance payout.

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6 November 2019

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