What New Truckers Should Know About Insurance

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Are you considering a job as a commercial truck driver? Commercial truck insurance is a necessity for those who are considering a role in this position. Are you unsure what trucking insurance entails? This guide will help you understand its impact as you embark on a new career.

What Is Primary Liability Insurance?

Primary liability insurance covers any damage that results when you cause an accident with your truck. All commercial truck drivers are meant to have this kind of insurance. Each organization and location may have different requirements for the amount of liability insurance you need to carry. Failure to carry the appropriate insurance means that you could face hefty fines. You could even have your trucking license revoked.

What Is Physical Damage Coverage?

Physical damage coverage relates to damage that occurs to your truck, even if it is not currently moving. This would include fire, broken glass, vandalism, and even theft. This kind of insurance is not typically required, though it is strongly recommended so you do not have to cover these things out of your own pocket.

What Is Motor Truck Cargo Insurance?

This kind of insurance covers the cargo your truck is hauling in case something happens to it. This could result from a collision or other accident (like a fire). The insurance also covers the cleanup of any material that is dumped on the road or in a lot. Shipping companies may require that truck drivers carry this insurance to protect the merchandise of its customers. If you fail to carry this kind of insurance, you will likely be required to cover the costs of cleaning and lost merchandise.

Why Is Trucking Insurance So Expensive?

Many new truck drivers wonder why trucking insurance tends to be so much more expensive than other types of auto insurance. When you are a truck driver, you certainly have more responsibility on the road. Not only are you hauling cargo belonging to others, but you are also driving a vehicle that is more expensive and can cause much more damage than the average sedan or pickup truck.

What Else Should You Know?

If you are considering a career in this field, you need to know the requirements of your state and employers in your area. Trucking insurance requirements may differ across the board, but that does not mean there are not some things you should always provide protection for when you have such a large responsibility.


18 February 2020

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