5 Auto Insurance Discounts To Consider As A Senior Driver

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As a senior driver, if your auto insurance premium is higher than you can afford or want to pay, there are specific discounts you can explore to reduce your insurance costs.

#1: Safe Driving Discount

If you have several years where you have not had an accident or had to submit a car insurance claim, you may qualify for a safe driving discount. Most insurance companies offer safe driving discount programs.

Although you might think you would automatically qualify for a safe driving discount, you often need to ask to ensure you get this discount. A safe driving discount can provide you with a nice discount on your premium.

#2: Driver Tracking Program

Many insurance companies offer driver tracking programs. With these programs, you install a device on your vehicle or download an app that can be used to track your driving habits.

This device will be used for a set period. It will allow your insurance company to monitor things such as your braking habits, speed, driving times, and acceleration. This information is analyzed and can be used to provide you with a sizeable discount on your insurance, based on the results.

#3: Defensive Driving Course

Next, you can take a defensive driver course that is approved by your insurance provider. These classes are usually inexpensive and can even be taken online. Once you take the class, you can submit the information to your insurance.

Many insurance providers will provide a set percentage discount for a specific number of years when you take a defensive driving course, as long as the insurance company approves it.

#4: Low Mileage Discount

You may also want to consider a low mileage discount if you don't drive that much. Low mileage discounts are applied for those who drive far less than the average American. This will have to be proved by submitting odometer information to ensure you are a low mileage driver.

#5: Group Affinity Discounts

Finally, if you belong to an organization such as the AARP or AAA, then be sure to take advantage of the affinity discount given by being a part of these organizations. You can enjoy a set discount just by having membership in these organizations.

If you are a senior driver, be sure to explore all of the different discounts you can apply to your auto insurance policy to enjoy a discount on your premium and make your insurance costs more affordable. Contact an insurance agency like AAC Insurance Group to learn more.


26 October 2020

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