Seven Healthcare Coverage Problems You May Avoid With A Medicare Advantage Plan

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Choosing the right Medicare coverage for your needs can be complicated. One aspect of Medicare coverage that you need to know about is what you can get out of Medicare Advantage coverage. The following are seven healthcare coverage problems you may avoid with this plan. 

Having no coverage for dental or vision care needs

If you have a basic Medicare plan, you won't have any of your dental or vision care needs covered by your insurance. A Medicare Advantage plan can offer coverage for not only dental and vision but also for fitness and hearing care costs.

Needing to pay out of pocket for prescription drugs

You only get prescription drug coverage if you pay for an add-on such as Part D when you get standard Medicare. Fortunately, a Medicare Advantage plan offers prescription drug coverage. In many cases, a Medicare Advantage plan can make prescription drug coverage more affordable than it is with Plan D. 

Acquiring medical care expenses due to an emergency far from home

Standard Medicare may cover you for emergency care coverage when you're close to home. However, you could end up with a hefty bill if you need emergency care while you're traveling in another part of the country. Medicare Advantage plans have a special feature that offers emergency coverage anywhere in the United States. 

Having to pay high premiums for the coverage you need

For many Americans, Medicare Advantage plans offer needed coverage at a lower cost than they can get this coverage from elsewhere. In fact, a lot of Medicare Advantage plans out there feature $0 premiums

Not getting the preventive care you need covered

Preventive care is essential for detecting healthcare issues early when they're still easily treatable. Fortunately, Medicare Advantage plans offer a variety of different coverage features for preventive care that helps a patient learn of developing health problems as early as possible. 

Enjoying coverage up to only a certain amount

One disadvantage of standard Medicare coverage is that it does not feature any out-of-pocket maximum. This means that your healthcare costs can be difficult to afford even with Medicare if you experience a health problem for which treatment is very expensive. 

Medicare Advantage plans add an out-of-pocket max to Medicare coverage that helps keep healthcare affordable. 

Dealing with excessive confusion in your healthcare coverage

Medicare Advantage plans can simplify coverage for many Americans. These plans will keep all needed coverage under one plan and offer comprehensive care coordination to simplify healthcare coverage. Reach out to an organization like Franklin Benefits Group for more information about this type of healthcare plan. 


30 November 2021

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