3 Things To Know About SR22 Insurance

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Some individuals who get court-ordered to get SR22 insurance get confused about what will be required of them. There are others who do not understand why they have to get it. Individuals who do not have vehicles may assume that they do not have to get this special type of insurance until they get a car or want to drive a car. Misunderstanding an SR22 order can cause issues that could lead to an individual's arrest. It is important to note that sometimes state laws make this a requirement based on certain driving offenses. Judges cannot override state laws and must enforce them with any other sentencing requirements set forth by the court. The following points highlight a few important things for drivers to keep in mind about SR22 insurance.

Understanding What it Is

Some drivers may have driving offenses that put them in a high-risk category. There are different types of liability insurance, and SR22 is a type of liability insurance. It is not a standalone policy. Individuals with vehicles must have a standard or nonstandard policy in addition to the SR22 add-on policy. In theory, high-risk drivers who have displayed signs of being accident-prone need to have mandatory liability insurance for a set period of time. This insurance is sometimes referred to as "financial responsibility insurance."

Offenses That Trigger SR22 Insurance Orders

Some drivers assume that SR22 orders are for DUI offenses. However, this insurance product might also be ordered when individuals exhibit a track record of letting their insurance lapse or getting multiple traffic tickets in a short period of time. Non-alcohol or drug-related accidents that result in extensive property damage or bodily injury might also trigger an order for this type of insurance. A judge could deem a driver in this situation as high-risk if there are circumstances such as driving at a high rate of speed when the accident occurred.

Expected Cost

Drivers who are ordered to get SR22 policies will learn that the add-on policy is the least of their concerns. Their main policies will be higher than average because of their driving records. The SR22 add-on will not be the bulk cost of these policies. Some individuals will find it hard to find an insurance company that will issue them a standard policy. They may have to resort to getting a nonstandard policy, which is another type of liability insurance product in addition to their SR22.

An auto insurance agent is a good resource to use to better understand SR22 insurance. If there is a need for an auto insurance policy, they can provide rate quotes and advise whether a traditional standard policy can be extended. 


4 August 2022

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